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SKETCHES: Creative Writing from Every Day Living E-book

SKETCHES: Creative Writing from Every Day LivingTitle: SKETCHES: Creative Writing from Every Day Living
Author: Shery Ma Belle Arrieta

Format: PDF
Published: January 2002
Price: $9.95

Sample: sketches@rapidreply.net

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SKETCHES is an introductory e-book on creative writing using every day, ordinary experiences. It features 10 simple yet effective creative writing techniques to help beginning writers come up with creative pieces.

Originally a 3-week e-mail workshop offered by The e-Writer's Place, the e-book version of SKETCHES is being offered so those who do not have time to join an e-mail workshop have another option -- they can still do the creative writing activities offered in the e-mail workshop on their own time and at their own pace.


Chapter 1: Smelly Socks and Unmade Beds (Or Writing Creatively About Your Home Life)
Creative writing techniques: listing, brainstorming, clustering or webbing, ABC fun

Chapter 2: Water Coolers and Locker Rooms (Or Writing Creatively About Your Work or School Life)
Creative writing techniques: mini stories, laddering, word strings

Chapter 3: The Garbage Truck Down the Street (Or Writing Creatively About Your Neighborhood)
Creative writing techniques: imaginative layering, crosswording, viewpoint

About the Author

Shery Ma Belle Arrieta has been writing since she was 10. She founded The e-Writer's Place in April 2000, a site recognized by Writer's Digest Magazine as one of the best 101 sites for writers in 2001 & 2003.

She is the author of several e-books, including the highly successful e-book, How to Create and Profit from Your Own E-mail Workshops in 3 Days or Less!.

She is also the developer of several e-mail workshops for writers, including the popular and highly-praised DAILY WRITES: 31 Days of Writing Bliss! To date, more than 2,800 writers worldwide have taken her workshops.

She works full-time from home, and makes a living selling her e-books and conducting online and live workshops. When she isn't writing, Shery develops and designs Web sites and does consulting and Web development for companies and organizations.

Her work has appeared in various online and print publications, both locally and internationally.

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